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"Always" is the 13th episode of Season 5, and the 76th overall episode of Friday Night Lights. It aired on February 9, 2011.


The Lions advance toward State as many decisions are made with implications that could change the players' futures.[1]


Series finale of the show. Matt comes down from Chicago to propose to Julie. But Eric and Tami are concerned about this development. The state championship happens for East Dillon, where they mount a comeback. But right when Vince throws the final pass, it ends. But it is found that East Dillon wins state when Vince is wearing a state championship ring in practice with the Dillon Panthers. Tami accepts a job as dean of admissions in a college in Philadelphia, and Eric tags along, becoming the coach of Pemberton High School. Tim builds a house on the land and it is rumored him and Tyra Collette get married. Julie and Matt are happy and together, in Chicago, in Matt's apartment, with Julie preparing to return to college (in the last scene there is a bag that Julie picks up with a college logo on it.)