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Angela Collette (portrayed by Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) is a recurring character on the Friday Night Lights television series. She is the mother of Tyra and Mindy Collette and has bad luck with men.

Personality and Traits

Tami Taylor prides herself on her ability to listen and connect to the children she works with. What she has done both as a principal and counselor is a testament to her amazing compassion and open-heartedness. She occasionally makes emotionally impulsive decisions, but is always first to admit her mistakes. Tami often acts as a sounding board for her husband and provides an ear and thoughtful advice for many of the young women in Dillon, especially Tyra, Lyla, and her daughter Julie.



Season One


Family Members

Tyra Collette

Mindy Collette

Family Members

Buddy Garrity


Angela Collette's appearance across all mediums
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TV Episode Appearance List
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3

3x01: I Knew You When
3x02: Tami Knows Best
3x03: How the Other Half Lives
3x06: It Ain't Easy Being JD McCoy
3x10: The Giving Tree
3x11: A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
3x12: Underdogs
3x13: Tomorrow Blues

Season 4 Season 5

4x12: Laboring
4x13: Thanksgiving

5x12: Texas Whatever
5x13: Always

Note: Was credited in 3x08: New York, New York and 5x11: The March but did not physically appear in those episode