Billy Riggins is the older brother to Tim Riggins and acts as his guardian. He could have had a potential scholarship for golf, but gave it up to take care of Tim. Married Mindy Collette .

Originally Billy is a minor character who appears to be a negative influence on Tim, constantly partying and drinking heavily. However, he develops into a more fatherly figure. In seasons 3 and 4, he gets himself into illegal activity with Tim and is nearly arrested at the end of season, but Tim turns himself in and takes the punishment so Billy can raise his family. Billy joins Coach Eric Taylor as a special teams coach for the East Dillon Lions, citing that he wanted to learn how to be a role model for his kid, Steven Riggins. He takes in Becky Sproles after she runs away from her abusive stepmother. He also takes Luke Cafferty under his wing during the season.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Billy finds out Mindy is going to have twins. The Lions win State, and 8 months later he is seen coaching the Dillon Panthers super-team. His exact position on the team is unknown.

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