Brian "Smash" Williams is a fictional character in the television series Friday Night Lights. He is the son of Corrina Williams and Michael Williams. He attended Dillon High and played for the Panthers as a running back. He is confident, a jokester, but frequently feels the pressure to obtain a college football scholarship. 

Season 1[edit | edit source]

In the first season he used steroids in order to increase his size, as a college scout informed him that that was his only downfall as a player. Once his mother discovered the drugs in his bedroom, she informed Coach Taylor, who suspended him from the team temporarily. However, the news never made its way to the public. 

Season 2[edit | edit source]

In the second season he was overwhelmed with interest from various colleges, including TMU, University of Alabama, Whitmore University, and Miami State University. Ultimately, he verbally committed to TMU.

One night at the movies with his girlfriend at the time, Noelle Davenport, and his sister, Noannie, Smash punched a white teenager after he made a racist remark towards his sister. This incident led to Smash's downfall, as the white teenager informed the media. Smash issued a public apology, but when the same white teenager continued to press about the situation, Smash told the media the truth of what happened. From this, TMU rescinded their offer. When Smash returned to the other schools he was considering, they were no longer interested. He ultimately decided to attend Whitmore University, a historically black university with a fantastic academic reputation but a low-grade football team.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the third season we find out that Smash suffered a knee injury in a playoff game with the Dillon Panthers. With this, Whitmore rescinded their scolarship. With few options left, Smash decided to not attend college, working at the Alamo Freeze as a manager. He worked with Coach Taylor on his speed and skills, in hopes of regaining scholarships. Smash is able to walk-on to the Texas A&M Aggies Football Team.

Season 5

In the middle of the fifth season Smash is seen playing college football on television as a part of Texas A&M

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