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Buddy Garrity (portrayed by Brad Leland) is a recurring character on the television series Friday Night Lights. Buddy played quarterback for the Dillon Panthers football team while dating his high school sweetheart Pam Garrity. He subsequently married Pam right after they graduated from high school. They have three children together; Lyla, Tabby, and Buddy Jr. He becomes the president of the Panther boosters for raising money and showing the most town spirit for his former high school team.

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Season One


Season One

Buddy is first shown to be a meddler in Eric Taylor's work as the Head Coach, but does show to be a loyal and well-connected advocate for the Panthers. He tries to discourage Lyla's relationship with Jason Street following his accident, as he felt Lyla would be giving up a normal life if they stayed together. Buddy then hires Angela Collette to work as a receptionist at his car dealership; which results in the two of them having an affair. Pam finds out about Angela and kicks him out of the house.

Season Two

Santiago Herrera comes to work at the dealership following Lyla's insistence in giving him a job. Buddy then has Santiago live with him and becomes his legal guardian. He also tries to reconcile with Pam after he finds out she's getting remarried to her new boyfriend Kevin.

Season Three

After losing Lyla's college fund on a bad investment, he nearly cost her her dream of attending Vanderbilt University. But he earns her forgiveness after securing her tuition money, and sends her off to find her future outside of Dillon. He also loses the Boosters presidency to Joe McCoy.

Season Four

Buddy informs Eric that Panthers player Luke Cafferty is using the Boosters mailbox as his home address and actually lives in East Dillon's district. He then declares he's no longer a Panther after listening to the other Boosters calling Tami a bitch and blaming her for Luke's departure. He then starts helping Eric with improving the East Dillon team.

Season Five

It is shown that Buddy's car dealership has closed, but his bar is thriving. Buddy Jr. also returns to live with him due to his out-of-control behavior in California. Despite some initial problems, Buddy reconciles with his son and helps him join the football team. In the series finale, Buddy is shown putting "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose" above the new Dillon super team locker room.


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