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Buddy Garrity Jr. (portrayed by Joey Truty as a child and Jeff Rosick as a teen) is a fictional character on the television series Friday Night Lights. He is the son of Buddy Garrity and Pam Garrity.

Personality and Traits



Season One


Early seasons

He begins the series as a little kid. He's a minor character who only makes a few appearances. He moves to California with his mom and sister when Pam remarries. He and his sister Tabatha return for an episode to visit Buddy Sr. He acts quite snobbish towards his dad and constantly mentions Kevin, his step-dad, which causes Buddy to have a tirade. They makes amends near the end of the episode though.

Season 5

Pam sends him to Dillon after becoming rebellious. He is shown drinking heavily and his mom thinks that he's smoking marijuana. When he first arrives, he acts very rebellious and snobbish. He claims that East Dillon High is for an insane asylum, also stating that they "give shock therapy to people there." He also breaks into his dad's bar and drinks until he pukes. He later steals his dad's car and goes out to buy beer and his dad chases him down.

Buddy Sr. gets him to tryout and make the football team. At first, he is not very good, with even his dad saying "he was God awful tonight". However, he does develop into a good special teams player before he injures himself doing a Samoan war dance during football practice and chest bumping someone, which leads to conflict between Coach Crowley, Billy Riggins, and Buddy Garrity Sr.

8 months after the Lions win the State Championship, he makes the Panthers super-team.


Family Members

Buddy Garrity


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