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"Every man at some point in his life is gonna lose a battle. He's gonna fight and he's gonna lose. But what makes him a man is that in the midst of that battle, he does not lose himself." - State

Eric Taylor (portrayed by Kyle Chandler) is currently the head football coach of the Pemberton Pioneers in Philadelphia. Taylor is the former head coach of the Dillon Panthers and East Dillon Lions. Considered one of the greatest high school coaches in the history of Texas, Taylor led both the Panthers and the Lions to state championships in 2006 and 2010, respectively.

Personality and Traits

Coach Taylor epitomizes the ideal football coach. He is tough, commands respect, and is an excellent motivator. But his true strength lies in his ability to connect with and care for his players. As his wife puts it, he is "an educator first and a molder of men." Taylor may not always make the right decision, but he always makes them with the right intentions. He is a stabilizing influence for his young players, many of which lack a fatherly figure such as Riggins, Saracen, Williams, and Howard.



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Family Members

Tami Taylor

Main article: Eric and Tami

Coach Taylor's wife is a strong and independent woman who often acts as his sounding board when he is pressed with a hard decision. She and the coach share a very healthy marriage that, although occasionally peppered with disagreements, are rooted in love, trust, honesty, and compromise.

Julie Taylor

Main article: Eric and Julie

Older daughter

Gracie Belle Taylor

Younger daughter

Shelley Hayes

Sister in law


Buddy Garrity

Main article: Eric and Buddy

The Panthers chief booster before the arrival of Joe McCoy and later biggest supporter of the East Dillon Lion, Garrity and Taylor don't always see eye to eye, as evidenced by their disagreements in "recruiting" but they share a mutual respect for one another. Buddy even moves in with the Taylors briefly, after being kicked out by his wife Pam. Garrity did everything in his power to keep Taylor at East Dillon after a furious attempt by Shane State University to lure Taylor to Florida and succeeded. However, the victory was short-lived following the announcement that terminated the East Dillon Lions football program.

Mac McGill

The Panthers' longtime assistant coach who was bypassed when Taylor accepted the head coaching position, McGill was Taylor's Offensive Coordinator at West Dillon and a valued and respected member of the coaching staff. McGill eventually got his dream job when Wade Aikmen stepped down at the end of Season 4.

Joe McCoy

The "Stud of Suds", Joe McCoy is an outlier in Dillon's town of blue-collar citizens. Initially impressed with Taylor so much so that he moved his family from Dallas so his son could play under him, McCoy then assumed control of the boosters and replaced Taylor with his own coach.

Mitchell Street

Jason Street's father; they had a falling out when the Streets sued Taylor for Jason's injury. Players

Matt Saracen

Jason Street

Brian Williams

Tim Riggins

Vince Howard


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