"Extended Families" is the 18th episode of Season 1, and the 18th overall episode of Friday Night Lights. It aired on February 28, 2007.


Why can't we be friends? -- When Buddy Garrity's affair is discovered, he finds himself in the doghouse. He, in turn, imposes on the Taylors and moves in with them. With her family falling apart, Lyla turns to Jason, the one person she can count on. But, after driving to surprise him at the quad rugby camp, Lyla notices for the first time that Jason's accident has changed him.


Lyla makes a surprise visit to the quad rugby camp where Jason is playing at, but she doesn't find the comfort she came looking for. Buddy Garrity's affair with Tyra's mother comes out. Consequently, Buddy decides to move in with the Taylors. Smash becomes suspicious about Waverly when she goes for a midnight swim with him.Tim becomes friendly with the neighbors.


Coach Taylor: I got the call.
Tami: The call.
Coach Taylor: TMU made the offer.
Tami: Wow.
Coach Taylor: Yeah.
Julie (to Tyra): Yeah, except for the fact that I've been totally forbidden to even hang out with you.
Tyra: Really? Forbidden. That's, uh, that's kind of a dramatic word.
Bo: What are you doing, Tim Riggins?
Tim: I'm fixing my truck.
Bo: Well, I'm Bo Miller; I'm your new next door neighbor.
Tim: Ok.
Bo: And you're Tim Riggins. Number 33 who single handedly led the Panthers to the semi's. What happened to your eye? Are you gonna be able to play in the semi's?
Tim: Can you shut up?
Bo: I don't know, can I?
Tim: Stop, please. I'm gonna need you to shut up. Cause I'm incredibly hungover right now.
Bo: What does that mean?
Tim: You're going to need to go home, okay, thank you.
Smash (to Waverly): You feeling ok?
Waverly: I feel wonderful. Why are you asking me, why?
Smash: You seem a little different lately.
Waverly: It's cause, cause I'm alive, because I'm feeling the world. If that's different then sign me up, I'm different. I'm great. All right, it's like this. I was taking some medication for a while and now I'm off of it.
Smash: What kind of medication?
Waverly: It was like this stuff for, uh, mood disorder. It's really no big deal. I'm better now; I've got it under control. I don't need drugs to keep me straight.