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Dillon-pedia is a collaborative project aiming to be the most comprehensive and reliable online source about NBC's critically acclaimed show Friday Night Lights. It also has information about the book and film that the television series is based off. The English language Dillon-pedia started in April of 2009 and currently consists of 433 articles. Please feel free to add any information you feel is relevant but keep note of our policies while editing.

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Did You Know...?
  • there really is a Dillon, Texas, however the real life Dillon, Texas is a ghost town
  • that the residents of Odessa, Texas were not fans of the book, but they did receive the movie positively
  • that there was another television series based off the book that aired in 1993 called Against the Grain starring Ben Affleck. That series only aired for 1 seasons comprised of 8 episodes
  • that the fictional Dillon High School in the television series is based off the real life Permian High School
  • that the book is frequently targeted for censorship
  • that the book was named the fourth greatest book about sports by Sports Illustrated in 2002
  • that due to the negative reception of the book in Odessa, the bookstores cancelled book signing by the author and even made t-shirts saying "Buzz off, Bissinger"
  • that the release of the book was around the same time Permian High was being investigated for holding illegal off season practices. The result of the investigation caused Permian to be disqualified from the playoffs that year. The book's release only added to the anger of the residents of Odessa, who even resorted to threatening the author
  • that Jesse Plemons and Kyle Chandler were both filming appearances on Grey's Anatomy when they received the parts of Landry Clarke and Eric Taylor, respectively?
  • that the actresses Brea Grant (Jean Binnell) and Jessalyn Gilsig (Shelley Hayes) co-stared with each other on another NBC hit show, Heroes?
  • that Brian Thornton plays two different characters on the show, Coach Gainey of the Brant Vikings in Season 1 and Coach Dickes of the Laribee Lions in Season 2?
  • that Kyle Chandler and Minka Kelly were both in 2007's The Kingdom, directed by series creator Peter Berg?
  • that Jana Kramer (Noelle Davenport), Austin Nichols (Noah Barnett), Daniella Alonso (Carlotta Alonso) and Matt Barr (Ryan Lowry) were all on the CW's One Tree Hill?
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Friday Night Lights is a non fiction book published in 1990 about a football team named the Permian Panthers in Odessa, Texas. The book, officially titled Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream, was adapted into a feature length film in 2004 starring Billy Bob Thornton and a television series that ran from 2006 to 2011 starring Kyle Chandler.

Featured Character
Eric taylorS4
Eric Taylor is a major character on the Friday Night Lights television series. Eric is currently the head football coach of the Pemberton Pioneers in Philadelphia. Taylor is the former head coach of the Dillon Panthers and East Dillon Lions. Considered one of the greatest high school coaches in the history of Texas, Taylor led both the Panthers and the Lions to state championships in 2006 and 2010, respectively.