Hastings Ruckle is the East Dillon wide reciever, former basketball player. He is discovered by Buddy Garrity while playing a pickup basketball game. He convinces Eric Taylor to look at him. Taylor is impressed with his hands, speed, and jumping ability. He convinces Hastings to join the team with the help of Luke Cafferty, Vince Howard, and Jess Meriweather. He makes an impact immidiatley, catching the last second touchdown for the Lions against the Croft Cowboys which leads to Luke Cafferty's Statue of Liberty Play on the two point conversion to beat the 8th ranked Cowboys 29-28. Ruckle is described as a hippie by his peers. He slacks off during practice, in which he sits down and takes off his helmet, an unwritten rule in football. He does become the number one wide reciever for the team and helps them win State.