J.D. McCoy is a quarterback for the Dillon Panthers who first appears in Season 3. He is portrayed by Jeremy Sumpter.

He joins the football team as a freshman from Dallas who is seen as the "second coming of Jason Street" due to his excellent arm. He is sweet, although a little nerdy, and obedient. As the season starts he is named QB-2 behind senior Matt Saracen. He is backed by his extremely wealthy parents, especially his father, who is a new but powerful booster and hires a personal QB coach, Wade Aikmen, for J.D. to train with.

JD's father, Joe McCoy, is very supportive of his son in the beginning of Season 3, perhaps a little too much. As time progresses, he attempts to persuade, pressure, and eventually bribe Coach Taylor into letting his son play in games as QB1. Later in the season, Joe's eagerness and support turns out to be more than that of a typical parent's interest in seeing their children do well. Mr. McCoy is very controlling of JD's life and tries to restrict JD from being exposed to anything that he views as a distraction. He is not allowed to drink soda or alcohol, eat candy, watch TV, or spend time with girls. J.D.'s mother, Katie, is less controlling.

As Season 3 progresses, it becomes clear that JD is a better QB than Matt Saracen. He outplays him in practice and in a game at which they both alternated taking snaps. Coach Taylor is reluctant to make a change out of loyalty to Matt, but is eventually forced to do so. He replaces Matt in the middle of the season. While Matt, who started for most of his Sophomore and all of his Junior year, is best at the I-Formation, JD is better at West Coast/Spread Formation which was the overall consensus for the formation that the Panthers should use for the rest of the season.

Tim convinces J.D. to stop listening to everything his dad says and start having some fun. As a result, J.D. goes to a party, meets Madison Balman, and starts seeing her. Joe sees this as a distraction and blames J.D.'s relationship for the reason he had a bad game. This causes tensions to rise between J.D. and his father outside a local restaurant that many players and coaches are at including Coach Taylor, and Joe begins to hit his son. The Taylors run out to stop the assault and are forced to call CPS.

CPS's involvement puts a strain on the McCoy family. J.D. feels betrayed by Coach Taylor for calling CPS and getting his dad in trouble, becoming defiant. J.D. gets flustered easily and blames his teammates for a poor performance during the first half of the state championship game. Coach Taylor sees this and benches him due to his immaturity and lack of experience. Coach Taylor starts Saracen for the 2nd half. J.D. is left upset and crying in the locker room. Joe comes to see him and J.D. apologizes for letting him down, but Joe denies this, comforts him, and the two mend their relationship. Dillon nearly wins the game.

8 months later, J.D. is named Texas High School Quarterback of the year for his efforts.

J.D. McCoy is portrayed by Jeremy Sumpter.

Season 4 Edit

JD has become an extremely arrogant and disrespectful football player. He clearly shows an interest in Julie, telling Matt that it was too bad that he didn't go to Chicago because he wanted to get Julie. He stated that he was kidding, but at a party later, JD hits on Julie, and when Julie rebuffs, he picks her up to throw her in the pool. Matt shows up and gets in a fight with JD. JD tells Matt that he sucks, that Coach should have never taken him out, and that the only reason he played Saracen in the second half was because Coach felt sorry for him. When his friend and teammate Luke is transferred to East Dillon, JD and his cronies still hang out with Luke, but Luke gets sick of JD's arrogance and starts calling him JD McDick. The last straw is when JD is firing paint guns at random things when he drives, Luke tells him to get out, and JD shoots him right in the chest. JD is named Co-player of the week along with Vince Howard , and gives the Peewee football players some tips. Vince says to Coach Taylor, "He's pretty arrogant, isn't he?" In the last game against East Dillon, they lose 25-24. This defeat crushes him, Joe, and Wade Aikmen so much they leave the next Season.

J.D. is not seen again, but it is heavily implied that he started playing for the Hudgins Hawks, the team that was defeated by the East Dillon Lions in the State Championship in Season 5. The quarterback's number was 12, the same as J.D.'s.