Jackie Miller is a fictional character on the television series Friday Night Lights. She is the mother of Bo Miller. As a single mother, she is very self-sufficient and determined to create a good life for herself and her son.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

She moves in as a new neighbor of the Riggins. She is the mother of a little boy, Bo, a quirky and enthusiastic kid who immediately likes Tim and wants to hang out with him like brothers.

When Tim sees Bo is a victim of bullying at school, he teaches Bo how to throw punches, much to her dismay, as she identifies as a pacifist.

As Tim spends more time with Bo, he grows closer to Jackie, eventually kissing her and beginning to spend nights at her house. However, Jackie eventually ends it because of the age difference.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Jackie is now in a serious relationship with Tim's brother, Billy. When Tim discovers this, he travels to Mexico and upon his return refuses to live with Billy as long as he is still with Jackie, seeking residence at various places. When Tim returns home, Billy tells him he broke up with Jackie and she is moving away.

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