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Landry Clarke (portrayed by Jesse Plemons) is a main character on the television series Friday Night Lights. Landry is generally polite, awkward, and enjoys playing guitar.




Season One

Season 1

Landry is a somewhat nerdy freshman at Dillion High. He is best friends with Dillion Panthers quarterback Matt Saracen. Though Landry wasn't on the football team in Season 1, he often drove Matt to morning football practice.

Season 2

Landry joins the football team hoping to impress his father and Tyra. He has his own band, Crucifictorious, and is in love with Tyra Collette, to whom he lost his virginity. Landry kills Tyra's assailant after he continues to harass her. Throughout the season Landry and Tyra have to try and cover up the murder.

Season 4

Having been zoned for East Dillon High, Landry joins the East Dillon Lions as a kicker. He starts a fight with Calvin Brown, who Coach Taylor kicks off the team for refusing to apologize. He makes the season-ending game-winning field goal against the Panthers. He also begins a relationship with Jess Merriweather, but it ends when Jess confesses she has feelings for Vince.

Season 5

Landry goes off to college at Rice University in Houston.

A running gag throughout the show is that Coach Taylor cannot remember his name, and often incorrectly refers to him as Lance.


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He is based on Brian Chavez, a character in the non-fiction book Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, a Dream, by H.G. Bissinger.