Lyla Garrity is a fictional character on the television show Friday Night Lights. Lyla is the daughter of Buddy Garrity and Pam Garrity. She attended Dillon High, where she was a cheerleader. She has a reputation for being a spoiled good girl.

Season One Edit

Lyla is a bubbly, smart, popular cheerleader who is completely in love with Panthers quarterback and captain Jason Street. When Jason is hurt during the first game of the season and it is discovered he'll never have the use of his legs, Lyla tries to find comfort in her faith and becomes convinced a cure can be found for her high school sweetheart. Her hope alienates her from Jason, who is angry at the world and annoyed with her incessant optimism.

While Jason is in the hospital, she begins an affair with Jason's best friend Tim after confronting him about why he refuses to visit Jason.

Jason discovers the affair and breaks up with Lyla, also ending his friendship with Tim. Lyla is shattered and ashamed, and the entire school looks down at her.

She repeatedly apologizes to Jason, who realizes he still loves her and eventually takes her back. Jason proposes to her and she accepts. However, some tensions arise between the two when Lyla isn't supportive of Jason's dream to play professional quad rugby and feels like she doesn't know him anymore. When Lyla's family is falling apart, Jason is too busy down in Austin, which only makes things worse.

Lyla drives to visit Jason in Austin and becomes jealous of Suzy Quinlan, a cute tattoo artist whom Jason has become close with. Although Jason promises there isn't anything between them, Lyla finds them kissing and breaks off the engagement.

Furious at her father for his affair, Lyla wrecks his dealership. The stress of Lyla's life takes a toll on her, and she quits the cheerleading team.

Season Two Edit

Lyla rediscovers her faith over the summer and is baptized during the first episode of the season, becoming a born-again Christian.

She begins dating Chris Kennedy, who she meets while doing a Christian Radio Show, and they both attend the same church.

Tim realizes that he's in love with Lyla and professes his feelings for her. She is reluctant to accept them.

Season Three Edit

Lyla is in a relationship with Tim, but her ambition and desire to attend Vanderbilt University conflicts with Tim's contentment with his life and desire to stay in Dillon. Lyla briefly commits to San Antonio State University to be with Tim, much to her father's displeasure. However, when Lyla's father, Buddy Garrity, loses all of her college money, she is unsure of how she would even be able to afford Vanderbilt. Nevertheless, Lyla ultimately manages to attend Vanderbilt.

Season Four Edit

Lyla returns to Dillon for Henry Saracen's funeral. She and Tim briefly rekindle their relationship, but realize that their different dreams mean that there's nothing left for them anymore. Lyla returns to Vanderbilt.

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