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The first season aired on NBC from October 3, 2006 - April 11, 2007. It centered around the Dillon Panthers and their new head coach Eric Taylor as they dealt with the pressure of high school football in Texas and the distractions that come on and off the field. The premiere season earned a Peabody Award for Area of Excellence, a Humanitas Prize, and a Television Critics Association Award, along with several technical Primetime Emmy Awards.

Production InformationEdit

  • Number of episodes: 22
Title Episode Writer Director Original Airdate Game Result
Pilot 1x01 Peter Berg Peter Berg 2006-10-03 W 27-24
Eyes Wide Open 1x02 Jason Katims Jeffrey Reiner 2006-10-10 No Game
Wind Sprints 1x03 Elizabeth Heldens Jeffrey Reiner 2006-10-17 L 7-13
Who's Your Daddy? 1x04 Kerry Ehrin Allison Liddi 2006-10-24 No Game
Git'er Done 1x05 Patrick Massett & John Zinman Mark Piznarski 2006-10-30 L Forfeit
El Accidente 1x06 Carter Harris Dan Lerner 2006-11-07 No Game
Homecoming 1x07 David Hudgins Patrick R. Norris 2006-11-14 W 28-17
Crossing The Line 1x08 Bridget Carpenter Jeffrey Reiner 2006-11-28 No Game
Full Hearts 1x09 Aaron Rahsaan Thomas Josh Pate 2006-12-05 W 6-2
It's Different For Girls 1x10 Andy Miller Stephen T. Kay 2006-12-12 W
Nevermind 1x11 Elizabeth Heldens Jonas Pate 2007-01-03 W 28-24
What To Do While You're Waiting 1x12 Kerry Ehrin David Boyd 2007-01-10 No Game
Little Girl I Wanna Marry You 1x13 Jason Katims Jeffrey Reiner 2007-01-24 W 7-0
Upping The Ante 1x14 David Hudgins Allison Liddi 2007-01-31 No Game
Blinders 1x15 Bridget Carpenter & Carter Harris Stephen T. Kay 2007-02-07 W 30-10
Black Eyes And Broken Hearts 1x16 Patrick Massett & John Zinman Jeffrey Reiner 2007-02-14 W Forfeit
I Think We Should Have Sex 1x17 Elizabeth Heldens Allison Liddi 2007-02-21 No Game
Extended Families 1x18 Kerry Ehrin Charles Stone III 2007-02-28 W 26-21
Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes 1x19 Jason Katims Jeffrey Reiner 2007-03-21 No Game
Mud Bowl 1x20 Elizabeth Heldens & David Hudgins David Boyd 2007-03-28 W 14-8
Best Laid Plans 1x21 Kerry Ehrin & Carter Harris Jeffrey Reiner 2007-04-04 No Game
State 1x22 Patrick Massett, Jason Katims, & John Zinman Jeffrey Reiner 2007-04-11 W 27-26


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