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The second season aired on NBC from October 5, 2007 - February 8, 2008. This season saw Coach Taylor return to Dillon after a brief stint as QB Coach for TMU and focused primarily on Smash William's senior campaign. The season was cut short by the writer's strike.

Production InformationEdit

  • Number of episodes: 15
Title Episode Writer Director Original Airdate Game Result
Last Days Of Summer 2x01 Jason Katims Jeffrey Reiner 2007-10-05 GameResult
Bad Ideas 2x02 Elizabeth Heldens Jeffrey Reiner 2007-10-12 GameResult
Are You Ready For Friday Night? 2x03 Kerry Ehrin Seith Mann 2007-10-19 GameResult
Backfire 2x04 David Hudgins Jonas Pate 2007-10-26 GameResult
Let's Get It On 2x05 Patrick Massett & John Zinman David Boyd 2007-11-02 GameResult
How Did I Get Here? 2x06 Carter Harris Jonas Pate 2007-11-09 GameResult
Pantherama! 2x07 Bridget Carpenter David Boyd 2007-11-16 GameResult
Seeing Other People 2x08 Elizabeth Heldens Jeffrey Reiner 2007-11-30 GameResult
The Confession 2x09 Bridget Heldens Allison Liddi 2007-12-07 GameResult
There Goes The Neighborhood 2x10 David Hudgins Jeffrey Reiner 2008-01-04 GameResult
Jumping The Gun 2x11 Patrick Massett & John Zinman Daniel Attias 2008-01-11 GameResult
Who Do You Think You Are? 2x12 Kerry Ehrin Michael Waxman 2008-01-18 GameResult
Humble Pie 2x13 Carter Harris Jeffrey Reiner 2008-01-25 GameResult
Leave No One Behind 2x14 Aaron Rahsaan Thomas Dean White 2008-02-01 GameResult
May The Best Man Win 2x15 David Hudgins Patrick R. Norris 2008-02-08 GameResult


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