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The fourth season was the second season to be aired on dual networks. It concluded its 13-episode arc on DirecTV on February 10, 2010 and began its run on NBC on May 7, 2010. Season 4 was a rebirth of sorts for both the show and the Taylors as Coach took over a defunct East Dillon High football program and the season follows his quest to build the team from scratch. For their work, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton were nominated for Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama Series.

Production InformationEdit

  • Number of episodes: 13
Title Episode Writer Director Original Airdate Game Result
East Of Dillon 4x01 Jason Katims Peter Berg 2009-10-29 No Game
After The Fall 4x02 Kerry Ehrin Michael Waxman 2009-11-04 GameResult
In The Skin Of A Lion 4x03 Patrick Massett & John Zinman Patrick R. Norris 2009-11-11 GameResult
A Sort Of Homecoming 4x04 Etan Frankel Chris Misiano 2009-11-20 GameResult
The Son 4x05 Rolin Jones Allison Liddi 2009-12-02 GameResult
Stay 4x06 Bridget Carpenter Patrick R. Norris 2009-12-09 GameResult
In The Bag 4x07 Ron Fitzgerald Stephen T. Kay 2009-12-16 GameResult
The Toilet Bowl 4x08 Derek Santos Olson Michael Waxman 2010-01-06 GameResult
The Lights In Carroll Park 4x09 Patrick Massett & John Zinman Chris Misiano 2010-01-13 GameResult
I Can't 4x10 Bridget Carpenter Ami Canaan Mann 2010-01-20 GameResult
Injury List 4x11 Kerry Ehrin Seith Mann 2010-01-27 GameResult
Laboring 4x12 Rolin Jones Adam Davidson 2010-02-03 No Game
Thanksgiving 4x13 Jason Katims Michael Waxman 2010-02-10 East Dillon Lions (d) West Dillon Panthers, 24-23


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