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The fifth and final season finished its DirecTV run on February 9, 2011 and will re-air on NBC starting April 15, 2011. The Peabody Award winning show goes out with a bang as Coach Taylor guides his upstart Lions and star QB Vince Howard to their dreams of a state championship. Familiar faces come home to visit as the audiences everywhere bid farewell to Dillon forever.

Production InformationEdit

  • Number of episodes: 13
Title Episode Writer Director Original Airdate Game Result
Expectations 5x01 Davied Hudgins Michael Waxman 2010-10-27 No Game
On The Outside Looking In 5x02 Kerry Ehrin Michael Waxman 2010-11-03 GameResult
The Right Hand of the Father 5x03 Patrick Massett & John Zinman David Boyd 2010-11-10 GameResult
Keep Looking 5x04 Bridget Carpenter Todd McMullen 2010-11-17 GameResult
Kingdom 5x05 Rolin Jones Patrick R. Norris 2010-12-01 GameResult
Swerve 5x06 Ron Fitzgerald Jonas Pate 2010-12-08 GameResult
Perfect Record 5x07 Etan Frankel & Derek Santos Olson Adam Davidson 2010-12-15 GameResult
Fracture 5x08 Monica Henderson Allison Liddi 2011-01-05 GameResult
Gut Check 5x09 David Hudgins Chris Eyre 2011-01-12 GameResult
Don't Go 5x10 Bridget Carpenter Michael Waxman 2011-01-19 GameResult
The March 5x11 Rolin Jones Jason Katims 2011-01-26 GameResult
Small Town/Texas Whatever 5x12 Kerry Ehrin Kyle Chandler 2011-02-02 GameResult
Always 5x13 Jason Katims Michael Waxman 2011-02-09 GameResult


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