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"You're going to win, or you're going to lose. Either way, the sun's going to come up tomorrow."
- to Eric in Underdogs

Tami Taylor (portrayed by Connie Britton) is currently the dean of admissions at Braemore College in Philadelphia. She was previously the guidance counselor at Dillon High School. Tami is the wife of Eric Taylor and mother of Julie Taylor and Gracie Belle Taylor.

Personality and Traits

Tami Taylor prides herself on her ability to listen and connect to the children she works with. What she has done both as a principal and counselor is a testament to her amazing compassion and open-heartedness. She occasionally makes emotionally impulsive decisions, but is always first to admit her mistakes. Tami often acts as a sounding board for her husband and provides an ear and thoughtful advice for many of the young women in Dillon, especially Tyra, Lyla, and her daughter Julie.



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Family Members

Eric Taylor

Main article: Eric and Tami

They have a strong relationship, and while they get into fights, they always find a way to resolved them. It is stated they married in their early twenties, and that he was the reason that she got back on track in school.

Julie Taylor

Main article: Julie and Tami

She did not approve of her daughter's friendship with the rebellious, older Tyra Collette at first, but began to accept it when she felt guilty for treating Tyra so badly. Tami also became a surprise mentor to Tyra, giving her confidence to succeed in life and go on to college. As for her daughter's relationship with Matt Saracen, Tami was a lot more reasonable than her better half, who coaches Saracen (the quarterback) on the field. But she, too, expressed great disapproval at the thought of her daughter starting a sexual relationship so young. Both mother and daughter struggled to deal with each other when Gracie was born, as Julie didn't want anything to do with her new baby sister or help her mother out.

Gracie Belle Taylor

Gracie Belle was born in summer 2007. Tami often calls her "sweet girl."

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Katie McCoy

Tami was very close with JD's mother, who helped her out with hosting the annual BBQ and giving her advice on her Jumbo-Tron dilemma. Their friendship ended when Tami called Child Protective Services on the McCoy's after a fight with JD and his father


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"His and hers closets, baby." (S1: Pilot)

"Watch the curb... Whoever you are!" (S1:10 It's Different For Girls)


(S1:5 Best Laid Plans)

"There's no weakness in forgiveness."

"But seriously y'all. Eric Taylor is a kind and decent man. And he's strong, he has vision, and he's passionate. And he's real good at imparting that passion into the hearts of the people around him. And he loves y'all kids. Every single one of y'all. I just wanted to tell you how much y'all have touched us. How important y'all are to us. How much we care about you. So thank you, from our whole family, thank you." -

"It's my turn baby. I have loved you and you have loved me and we have compromised, both of us...for your job. And now it's time to talk about doing that for my job." (S13: Always)