"The Giving Tree" is the 10th episode of Season 3, and the 47th overall episode of Friday Night Lights. It aired on December 10, 2008.


Buddy opens up to Lyla about their money troubles, after he has a brief run in with the law. Coach Taylor catches Julie and Matt sleeping together. J.D.'s father worries about him losing focus after meeting a new girl. Tyra gets a little tutoring help from Landry for her SAT's.


Landry: Have you ever read the book The Giving Tree?
Tyra: Yeah, when I was like five.
Landry: It's about this tree who loves this boy more than anything, right? And the boy just takes and takes and takes until there's absolutely nothing left but a stump. And I'm like the tree and you're the boy - just take and take and take, and there's absolutely nothing left Tyra. That's exactly what I feel like. Just a stump. Because this is not a friendship. You're selfish. It's not a friendship.